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You are about to discover a life changing opportunity that we have been using to cash in from home. But before we start let me give you an intro about my self.

Hey, It’s Priskila!

Congratulations And Thank You For taking time to read This Guide

I Guarantee You Won’t Be Disappointed In What I Have In For You.

I Really Appreciate You Putting Your Trust In Me And I’ll Try My Best To Reward You For Investing Your Time In This Short Course.

If You Haven’t Heard Of My Story… My Name Is Priskila Jafet  From Namibia, I Now Work From Home Full-Time  at home in my Two bedroom town house  in Klein Windhoek.


I Quit My Banking J.O.B  Last Year… I Was Tired Of Being (Just Over Broke) All The Time… People Misunderstood Things… They Thought Since I Was Working In The Bank I Was Getting Big Money Every Month –HUH-  No When You Work In The Bank You Simply Get A Salary Like Any One Else. Only Managers and some high ranking individuals do get good payments IN banks I Was Getting Peanuts…


I Was Getting A Little Just above Ten Thousand per Month, So When I Take out Rent Money, Car Instalments And Other Things I Was Literally Left With Little Money This Forced Me To Look for  Other Options

Looking for a way to make Extra Money …


Guess You Know What I Am Talking About

I Tried a lot Of Things… Multi-level-Marketing  (NETWORK marketing)  Were You Have To Recruit People  Some Worked But with many I  Never Made Significant Money …

Some Network Companies Disappeared Without Even Informing The Members I Was Fed Up As I Use To Move From one Multi Level Company To The Next… decided to quit Network Marketing, selling Perfumes and Vitamin Pills  once and for all …

I Met Melissa one Day we knew each other from one Of the networking company ,she Quit some 4 years Back She Have Been Doing Well Online ever since she dropped Network Marketing .    She Was Living The Life I Wanted.

No Job, No Boss, No Broke / Broken Businesses Where You Exchange Time For Money, I wanted Take Holidays Whenever I Feel Like.

So I decided to Join the business She was doing Being a broker working from home with nothing But a laptop with Internet ACCESS ITS called Internet Marketing  or Affiliate Marketing.

Started As a Broker, Then Building My List, Now Things Are Much Better

So I Got Started Last Year In November 2014 I Put in  Effort, People Where Laughing At Me And Mocking Me As Nothing  was happening I simply ignored them, and I Kept On Pushing.

Then After Some Months Later Things Started Moving My Way

Bought My Dream Car and Started Taking Holidays In Zanzibar (Tanzania), Mexico, and UK



I am in the UK as I am writing this short E-book that will show you how this work I will be back to Namibia after 2 weeks planing of visiting UAE  and other countries as well.

IF you live you in Windhoek you probably have seen my silver BMW 640i with plate NUMBER         PJ 1987 NA


I wrote about this some time back on my Facebook timeline some time ago.


That post have over 500 likes and over 160 coments .


Now I see My future getting brighter everyday , Life is better doing something that take care of my future lather than wake up every day go to a job where I just make other people rich while strugling with bills .


Now I Make more Money In 2 Days Or Week Then My previous banking  Job Use To Give MeEvery Month

Here is Proof …


That’s income from The Launch we did with My Business Partner Melissa end of May 2015


This is a Snapshot from my today’s Account $ 945.27  that is  N$ 11343.44 in Namibian Dollars(Income  in a single day) do you know of any small business that one can do at home that can make such money per day everyday on a consistent base? I am not talking about making money “here and there” I mean money coming ever day like crock work even when on holiday ?


 Yes This Works…

We Are a living proof that one can start making money online with a laptop / desktop and internet connection…

Melisa has been Living Good ever since dropped out of the Networking Companies four years ago.



Other People Are Getting Started Too we have given this  training to over 200 people from NamibiaNamibia and more than 600 people from other countries too Even Students are making this to work on their spare time… Maria is one of them…



I have seen many people posting in our Success group on Facebook.

So What Is This Business and How It Works ?

Here is how this works  and Why It Works …


For every Business to succeed online they need to Have traffic (people visiting their websites) so people buy clicks (Number of people coming to their sites…so that’s why site owner pay us big money  “We Are Just (Middle Man)” we just facilitate the deal and collect profits.


This is how you are going to make money too. In OUR step by step easy To follow Training we will give you list of groups to join they are around 15, I will give you posts that you will be posting In these groups when you make posts people that are interested in buying clicks (traffic ) will be going to your page  I will show you how to set up this page  in minutes  and you just copy everything I give you.


Our Training is setup in a step by step easy to follow there is also a group for support if you get stuck. Step one do this, Step two do that until you are done.

People will read what is on your page and get interested and they buy online let’s say they buy clicks for $ 100 you then take that $ 100 they give you so you buy the clicks for $80 somewhere I will show you and give it to them you just make a $ 20 in profits… Now think about the possibility when people buy with hundreds and thousands imaging if you get 3 or 4 people buying each and every day.

Everything is made online no need  to call people , no explaining what so ever money get send immediately to your PayPal account I will show you how to set up a PayPal account online.

I Will show you how to set up a Payoneer account so you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account from any ATM in NamibiaNamibia  or any other ATM in the world so long as the ATM have a Master Card logo on it.


That’s how we make money … I will show you a secrete method you can use to you build a long term online  business  Asset that will make you money every day in day out … sorry that might sound like hype but when you get started you will realize it’s easy and very possible.


Making money have been possible ever since internet came alive  I know of people that have been making money online ever since  1998

Here is Proof that people do make money…  online business that make money  Look at this list


Google, FACEBOOK, YouTube and all the sites make billions per year

Huh I am not a billionaire and I am not saying you will be a Billionaire doing this I just want to show you it’s possible to make money online.


I Would like to emphasize the fact that I make around N$ 2 000 per day is possible due to the nature of this business, I want to tell you Loud and clear  that when will be starting out you will be making less than N$ 1 000 so people who are starting out earn   $ N$150 – $ 200 per day then you take it from there you scale to N$ 500 per day then N$ 1000+ the income you make depends on how serious with this business .


How You Can Get Started

Don’t be scared to get started… There is always first time for everything. I was also where you are … know nothing about making money online and very skeptical about this “make money online from home” things But I just got started. If I couldn’t get started I could  be still be rotting at my day job with nothing to show for but just bills after bills just working to pay bills and left with almost nothing meaning staying  Just Over Broke .


Internet Marketing  Has Allowed Many People To Escape The Rat Race, But I Was Able To Avoid It Altogether to .


I Don’t Need A Job In My Life Again, And I Intend To Keep It That Way. Now I Specialize in Product Creation and Affiliate Marketing Still Selling Solo ad AS broker Day in Day Out.


IN My Journey I’ve Made Mistakes, I’ve learned From the Best, And I Love Helping Other People Achieving Their Goals.

IF you want to get started Go to OUR SITE TO GET STARTED


  GO go to       or        simply click Here


I want you to have in mind and understand that this is not some Get Rich Quick Program not a Push Button Money Making Scheme  … this is a business opportunity that can change some one’s life  it requires you to learn implement and put in effort. It’s not a scam or time wasting Multi-Level-Marketing .


What if you don’t get started?

I still get paid everyday…

What if you think it’s a scam?

I still get paid everyday…

What if you get started?

I still get paid every day …. And we all get paid everyday …

All The Best let me know when you have started my contact details are below.

Best regards

Priskila Jafet

Fb:    (Priskila Jafet)


Mobile : +264 0818911413

Skype : priskila.jafet 


PS: Pm on FB or text with an SMS or email me if you get stuck somewhere. There is nothing wrong with making money even a lot of it.